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Penetration testing offers the most effective way of rapidly identifying your network’s most serious security risks and prioritizing remediation efforts. Penetration testing is used to identify which current security protocols are effective. Hedge funds and financial services use penetration tests to prove to regulators and investors that a business’ systems have been tested and are secure.

In partnership with the security experts at IBM X-force, the authority in vulnerability and threat research, ACE IT Solutions tests a business’ network and security protocols using a safe and controlled technique. The result is a report that lists detailed findings in order of criticality and provides specific guidance and recommendations for reducing exposure. We can help prioritize the discovered risks, determine the steps required to improve security and deploy them in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We provide skilled consultants who draw from extensive experience manual investigation techniques and advanced tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. We facilitate consistent assessment, design, deployment, management, support and education services to enhance your return on investment. The penetration testing methodology can include:

  • Network discovery and reconnaissance—Extensive inspection of online hosts and services
  • Perimeter or internal attack—Exploitation of key vulnerabilities
  • Remote exploitation—Attempt to further penetrate the network and breach valuable or confidential data
  • Findings and analysis deliverables—Detailed report including findings and actionable recommendations

IBM security consultants have expertise gained from corporate security leadership, security consulting, investigative branches of the government, law enforcement, and research and development. Our consultants are supported by the IBM X-FORCE™ research and development team. IBM combines industry-leading security assessment tools with in-depth manual exploitation techniques and analysis of vulnerabilities to build a customized security program designed to enhance your business operations.

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