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IT security breaches can have devastating consequences for any business, resulting in operational disruption, data leakage, brand and reputation damage, and regulatory complications. Our security experts are there for you when you have a security incident and need troubleshooting and remediation assistance.  Our IT emergency response services can help you quickly respond to and recover from a computer security breach by giving you 24×7 access to our experts.

  • Emergency response services provide a methodology designed to help manage incident response across multiple stages including prevention, intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery, and compliance.
  • Proactive, preventive approach is informed by threat intelligence and helps businesses understand how to prevent it from happening again
  • Response preparation helps with quick recovery
  • Gap analysis helps uncover holes in existing security approach and remediates them
  • 24×7 emergency response analysts stop attacks in progress, reducing the impacting and helping with a quick recovery
  • Subscription-based services can be utilized remotely or on-site for unlimited emergency declarations
  • We can provide documentation and reports about the incident

Visit the IBM Data Breach Risk Calculator to find out how much a data breach will cost your organization.

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