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Data security services incorporates a risk-balanced strategy along with leading data protection technology to more cost effectively help safeguard your organization’s critical data. We help optimize your level of control by providing both consulting services to establish your data protection strategy and implementation and integration services using market-leading loss prevention and encryption technologies.

  • Apply adequate data protection measures in order to mitigate risks, deter attacks and comply with requirements
  • Designed to protect the IT infrastructure, the networks, the devices, the data and the access—is ultimately about the secure continuous flow of vital information
  • Effective encryption is combined with monitoring, access control and identity management
  • Provide access to data and tools authorized users need, when they need them, while blocking unauthorized access
  • Identify and fix root causes of non-compliance and focus strong protection around critical data
  • Help establish internal controls to promote ongoing compliance in accordance with cloud and mobility platforms
  • Discovers where critical data resides, on what devices and whether it is structured or unstructured
  • Prioritizes the critical data that, if stolen, would cripple the organization

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