IBM defense in depthManaging cybersecurity risks requires a fine balance.

Too much protection can overburden IT staff and budgets, while too much risk can expose organizations to data theft, system downtime, fines, loss of customer trust and even bad publicity. Which is why today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services.

When thinking about security, it’s imperative to take a global view of the threat landscape — not all threats are created equal, and no threat should be overlooked for its significance to any organization. As security threats constantly evolve, businesses need to advance their security postures to mitigate risks and they must stay diligent and proactive in maintaining security programs that not only protect from external attacks but also from internal breaches, both accidental and intentional.

In order to understand how best to protect their infrastructures and sensitive data, businesses need to learn more about what a hacker is really after, what threats are out there and how they occur.

This is where security intelligence comes in. It allows us to see what’s happening, with a critical eye toward understanding the threat landscape as it really exists. By taking advantage of advanced analytics to help tackle the massive amount of information collected, we can develop real insight into the kinds of attacks that are taking place, who may be launching them and how their techniques are evolving.

ACE IT Solutions, in conjunction with IBM, has developed a guide to Cyber Security Threat Preparedness. This whitepaper was developed to serve as a business’ guide to today’s cybersecurity threats and provides practical advice on building and maintaining a secure technology infrastructure and ongoing security program. The paper identifies standards and best practices relative to cybersecurity, which businesses can use for guidance as a framework to implement a thoughtful approach to security throughout their entire organization.

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