ransomware protectionCyber-smart business travelers know that public Wi-Fi is not a secure option for doing business remotely. Remote workers need to be wary of untrusted networks and take extra steps to protect their devices from internet hackers lurking around insecure data connections. Those public networks won’t protect your sensitive data from being exploited by hackers. But a virtual private network, VPN, will.

By using a VPN for remote connections, small businesses build in a layer of security they otherwise may not have. A VPN is a powerful service that lets you connect to the internet using a special server that is connected to a VPN provider. A VPN creates a secure encrypted connection and tunnels traffic to a proxy server acting as a relay between the Internet and an electronic device, so nobody can see what data is being shared over the Internet — and steal it.

Basically, a VPN works by encrypting your connection to important assets on your company’s network. This data is encrypted while it’s in transit, meaning that even if a hacker could intercept it, they would see nothing but a bunch of jumbled up letters, numbers, and symbols. This is especially important for those who often rely on hotel or other public Wi-Fi hotspots for their work connections.

A VPN also anonymizes the user and virtually changes the user’s location, a bonus if the user is traveling for business and wants to access content from their location that may otherwise be blocked.

You should use a VPN if:

  • Employees travel for business or work remotely
  • Employees outside the office require access to the office network
  • Your business utilizes dedicated remote work sites that need to connect to one central location
  • You are concerned about the vulnerability of your data
  • Remote workers need a stable network connection to transfer data or conduct online conferences and meetings

As security threats rise and more businesses rely on remote workers, the demand for VPN services has grown. High-scale hacking and leaking scandals have also contributed to the increasing realization that strong encryption is as essential as anti-virus software and firewalls.

Adding a VPN to your company’s network is a great way to ensure security, privacy and robust connections for your mobile workforce. VPN options are varied and range from the type of connections to the amount of encryption needed. Contact ACE IT Solutions to be sure the VPN your firm implements is an enterprise-level VPN that is capable of securing all of your business’s devices.

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