Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent as hackers find and exploit vulnerabilities in businesses’ systems. In fact, the chances of an organization being hacked in a 12-month period are a statistical certainty, according to a recent Ponemon Institute study.

“The threat from cyber attacks today is nearing statistical certainty and businesses of every type and size are vulnerable to attacks,” the Ponemon Institute said.

Here are some of the more startling findings from the Ponemon Study:

  • 52 percent of the data breaches and security incidences were the result of malicious insiders
  • 48 percent, of the data breaches were the result of malicious software, either as downloads embedded on a rogue Website, or distributed by social networking sites
  • Only 19 percent of the breaches could be attributed to system glitches
  • About 59 percent of respondents said the theft of information assets was the most serious consequence of a security breach
  • Nearly 41 percent of the companies surveyed said overall the security breaches had cost them at least half a million dollars to address, when costs such as cash outlays, business disruption, revenue losses, internal labor and overhead were taken into account

“Our survey research provides evidence that many organizations are ill-equipped to prevent cyber attacks against networks and enterprise systems,” said Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute.

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