The internet helps businesses become more productive, it’s also a big distraction and can pose threats to your network and data in the form of viruses, hackers and malware.

Put an intent-use policy in writing
If your business is at all concerned about how employees are using the internet, you must have a written policy that makes it clear that internet access is intended for use to further the company’s goals.

Regardless, some employees will abuse the policy and unless someone is continually watching over their shoulders someone is going to shop, play word games with friends or start cruising around social networking sights looking for posts to “like.”

Enforcing your internet-use policy
First and foremost, you should be able to trust your employees to remain productive without having to babysit them. If you do suspect your company’s internet-use policy is being abused, it might be worth investing in some kind of  technical solution.

Firewalls can be put in place that monitor and record information to determine how the internet is being used and which employees are surfing the most. A firewall can secure and control internet access and block access to specific URLs, content and services.

A robust data loss prevention software solution can safeguard company data on a variety of devices. Since our data loss prevention solution is deployed at the endpoint, you can enforce policy on every device, including PCs, laptops, smart phone and tablet computers. Data loss preventions software (SaaS) can also monitor computer usage by tracking keystrokes, act as a web filter and remotely wipe data should the device be lost or stolen.

Let employees know they are being monitored
Employees who have been put on notice are less likely to surf, or shop on company time. But be reasonable, an occasional visit to an online store isn’t going to kill your business.

If you are interested in creating and enforcing a company-wide internet use policy, contact ACE IT Solutions. We have the expertise to help create a policy and put technology in place to enforce that policy and protect your data.

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