Cutting corners with your technology could lead to big problems down the road. However, there are some smart ways that businesses can cut technology costs without creating long term headaches.

Replace old hardware
It may seem like you are saving money by running old computers, but it is typically more expensive to keep fixing aging computers than it is to replace them. Not to mention the productivity loss associated with slow, old computers that have constant problems. Buying refurbished desktops and laptops can help keep costs lower as you refresh your technology. Your IT partner can also do some legwork to help find the best deals. Sometimes you have to save money to spend money.

Go green
Save some money on your energy bills by becoming more energy efficient. Create a policy that requires users to turn off their workstations each evening. LCD monitors also save money over old CRTs. As your IT provider about other energy saving technologies.

Use VoIP
SMBs can save up to 80% over a traditional phone system by using a VoIP or Unified Communications platform. A VoIP system also offers greater productivity and flexibility by allowing employees to use their phones from anywhere.

Don’t deal with vendors
Dealing with vendors can be a big time suck. Anyone who has ever dealt with a major vendor knows how long you can wait on the phone to solve even a small issue. Your employees have more important things to do. Letting your IT partner handle tech support is worth every penny, especially when it comes maintaining productivity. IT firms like ACE IT Solutions build close relationships with vendors, so they are able to get things done quickly, saving your employees the headaches of dealing with tech support.

Be proactive
An small investment in preventative maintenance  can save you big money down the road. As part of a managed services agreement, ACE IT Solutions will continually monitor your network to ensure all critical functions are working properly. In the event we discover an issue, we take immediate steps to mitigate the problem and minimize downtime. Preventative maintenance also helps ensure the security of your data, keeps your software up to date and fixes minor issues before they become major disruptions.

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