Cloud computing is changing the way businesses work. As previously discussed in our blog series on cloud computing, the cloud is helping IT infrastructures become more dynamic, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. A cloud computing environment is able to react quickly to changes in demand, new applications can be provisioned much quicker than in a traditional IT infrastructure, and there are distinct cost benefits to cloud computing.

The cloud is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution to computing. There is SaaS, IaaS, and various other delivery models — the cloud can take a variety of different forms, from public clouds to private clouds to a combination of both. Different businesses have different needs, different levels of IT skills, different security and compliance requirements, and use different apps. It is these differences that will determine the most logical approach to creating a customized cloud environment.

Assessing your IT infrastructure and the specific issues your business is trying to solve is the best place to start in determining your path to cloud computing. For some businesses, a quick move to public cloud services will address their most immediate paint points. For other businesses, a slow adoption of a private cloud might make the most sense. Regardless of the direction you and your IT partner decide to take, the move does not need to be disruptive and can be built around your current IT environment, bringing new benefits to the table.

For many organizations, virtualization is the first step of a cloud computing project. Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming the way many business approach IT.

Server virtualization has proven substantial benefits for organizations of any size. It helps control capital costs as your business expands, but more importantly, it delivers flexibility benefits that let your organization more quickly adjust and respond to changing market conditions, adopt new applications, and do more with a limited IT staff.

Virtualization, like cloud computing, can have a real and immediate impact on your organization. To take full advantage of the benefits you need to chart your course carefully. With appropriate planning, businesses can leverage virtualization to enhance agility and service, simplify IT management, and empower staff to focus on strategic priorities while conserving energy and resources. This requires a full assessment of your current data center as well as the available technologies.

You must also asses your goals. Your business needs are the driving force behind dynamically mapping the physical resources of your infrastructure to applications—even as those needs evolve and change.

ACE IT Solutions’ cloud computing series was intended to provide basic education and knowledge sharing on this thing they call the Cloud.  If you are thinking, “Sounds great! I’m ready to start reaping the benefits of cloud computing,” then contact us.  Our experts can take a look at your current IT infrastructure and discuss your budget and goals and work closely with you as we build our your path to the cloud.

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