Cloud computing requires a shift in the way we think about IT. The innovation involved with cloud computing presents an opportunity for companies to take advantage of cutting edge technology and redefine the way they do business. Cloud computing also offers greater flexibility, scalability, mobility and manageability than a traditional IT infrastructure.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the core of cloud computing.  Instead of running applications from a desktop computer, users access software/applications via their web browser.  Just login and connect. There is no need for your IT team to install software on each individual computer. The software is always available. The maintenance is done by the provider and your organization reaps the benefits of the provider’s expertise.

Take cloud computing one step further and you’ve got Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas).  With traditional technology infrastructure models, businesses must invest heavily in equipment such as servers and storage devices.  One of the biggest cost-saving benefits of cloud computing is that businesses are only required to pay for the resources and capabilities that they need. Rather than purchasing costly infrastructure equipment and upgrades and relying on multiple servers, businesses can outsource that infrastructure to a third-party and manage all their data and applications via the Internet.

Iaas makes it easier for businesses to scale their IT infrastructure and makes it more flexible and easier to manage. Build your IT infrastructure based on your specific needs. Does your businesses require a mix of public and private clouds? No problem. Cloud computing is flexible and easy to customize to meet your exact needs and create a dynamic and agile computing environment.

Benefits of Cloud Computing over a traditional IT Infrastructure

  • No need to invest heavily in an IT infrastructure, which provides savings on physical space, maintenance, and hardware.
  • Alleviates the reliance on in-house IT departments and shifts the responsibility to third-party providers to deliver hardware installations, updates, and maintenance
  • Pay only for the services you need and use
  • Increased productivity through advanced mobility features that allow employees to work remotely and securely
  • The flexibility of cloud computing makes it scalable enough to grow as your business grows

Still trying to wrap your brain around cloud computing. Contact ACE IT Solutions, we have the tools at our disposal to make cloud computing, and its benefits and considerations, easy to understand. ACE IT Solutions can deliver a best-of-breed cloud computing solution that is secure, cost-effective and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of any business.

Read our Cloud Computing Whitepaper: Evaluating the Cost and Security Benefits of Cloud Computing.

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