Today’s always-on, highly-mobile workforce is fueling the BYOD phenomenon, with an adopting rate to top 35% by 2016 according to a study by VMWare. Some research even suggest that BYOD will become a requirement as businesses start to take advantage of the cost-savings and responsiveness offered by BYOD.

Employee demand for these devices is cited as a leading reason for the phenomena, with 40 percent of mid-size businesses reporting a significant growth in employees use of alternative endpoint devices, particularly smart phones. There are distinct productivity benefits to untethering the employee from the workplace and allowing employees to work from anywhere. Other factors driving the BYOD boom include initiatives to lower costs, applications otimized for new devices that increase productivity, more users able to use thin clients to access business-critical applications, and strengthened security.

Businesses that permit BYOD should take a comprehensive approach to deployment. Without a plan in place that secures the devices, businesses will be negating any of the benefits the BYOD brings to the table.

ACE IT Solutions recommends a comprehensive assessment of an organizations needs and capabilities as a first step in implementing a BYOD initiative. It is essential to understand the needs of users, security and compliance and budget constraints. And a solid mobile policy based on best practices must be in place to protect the business’ network. ACE IT Solutions understands best practices can help develop a BYOD policy.

Contact ACE IT Solutions for an assessment. We can help deploy a BYOD program that will benefit your business and protect your network.

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