It is easy for business leaders to stay in a bubble when it comes to cybersecurity, leaving all the heaving lifting to technology. With so many technologies available to boost your intelligence gathering operations, it’s easy to forget that human relationships are still the building blocks from which truly outstanding security capabilities are fashioned.

What is the role of a cyber threat intelligence team?

  • Feed the detection, prevention, response cycle
  • Support threat detection and incident response
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Keep executives informed about the most significant current threats and alleviate fears of less relevant threats
  • Add value to other areas of the business in a way that had a tangible impact on organizational risk
  • Maintain a feedback loop that will enable constant improvement of their operating processes. Without getting honest feedback, the team could be wasting valuable energy focusing on the wrong area.

Threat intelligence can pay huge dividends in helping you protect your IT infrastructure and digital assets. Knowing what cybercriminals are up to and which forms of malware are lurking on the internet enables you to ensure your security posture is up-to-date and ready to defend against any malicious activity that might come your way.

Which types of tools you use and how many of each type will depend on your risk appetite, the current maturity level of your security posture, and the available resources your organization can apply to its threat intelligence activities — both in terms of people and technology.

When you engage with ACE IT Solutions, you get all the support and expertise of a cyber threat intelligence team that has your back 24×7. Contact us to set up a cybersecurity consultation. We can help identify gaps in your risk management posture and help tailor a cybersecurity and threat intelligence program that suits your firm’s specific needs and risk profile.

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