2020 brought massive shifts to the way organizations do business and stay productive. It also brought some of the largest cybersecurity hacks ever. Hackers took advantage of the gaps in new remote work environments as the global cyber-attack surface greatly expanded.  With most businesses operating remotely, in 2020 hackers stepped up attacks against an expanded and target-rich environment. Governments, companies, organizations, and individuals have paid a heavy price from breaches and from ransomware attacks.

In 2021, the work from home trend will continue and cybersecurity will continue to be a major challenge.

Here are 6 basic steps you can take to protect your business in 2021:

  1. Have a Risk Management Perspective
    Learn about risk management and what that entails for your organization. Gather insights from trusted sources to help frame your perspective.
  2. Employ a Cybersecurity Framework
    Cybersecurity Frameworks such as NIST offer guidance on technical organization and response programs that identify and suggest means to mitigate gaps for cyber-threats. Cybersecurity frameworks are based upon lessons learned and continually modified to address new threats, including an incident response to a breach and designing policies and procedures.
  3. Use Basic Cybersecurity Hygiene 
    This involves everything from password protocols to MFA to cybersecurity training and encryption. If you are unsure whether you are following good cyber hygiene, contact your technology partner for a cybersecurity assessment.
  4. Beware of Phishing Attacks
    Train your entire team to always be suspicious and operate on the premise of zero trust when it comes to social engineering threats. Conduct regular security awareness training and testing to see if the training is working.
  5. Protect the Internet of Things
    Each IoT device represents an attack surface that can act as a backdoor into your data for hackers. You must protect each and every device that is connected to your network and follow proper cyber hygiene for each of those devices.
  6. Outsource Cybersecurity
    Handling cybersecurity on your own is challenging and requires more tools and expertise than the average SMB has on staff. A managed cybersecurity provider (MSSP) can augment your security posture, perform vulnerability assessments and recommend solutions and services that are most applicable to your industry requirements.

Need cybersecurity help?

Please reach out to ACE IT Solutions at info@aceits.net or 646.558.5575 and we can help identify cybersecurity gaps and shore up your cyber defenses.

Have a safe, happy and healthy 2021!

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