There has been a shakeup in the password management world that has left businesses seeking a new solution for protecting the keys to their kingdoms.

According to, “1Password had become especially popular largely because it is one of the best password managers available. It’s easy to use and makes sharing passwords with teammates or employees easy to manage.” Unfortunately, 1Password recently announced they will add the ability to store information about a cryptocurrency wallet, and the ability to directly link your Phantom Wallet to 1Password with one click via an API. This move made many users uneasy and left them seeking alternatives.

5 Best Password Managers (according to

  1. Last Pass is considered the best alternative to 1Password. It has many of the same capabilities as 1Password, without the crypto. Plans for businesses start at $4.00 per month, per user.
  2. Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that allows the technically minded to set up their own server for managing password sync. This solution is a bit more cumbersome than other managers. Team plans start at $3 per user per month and include advanced sharing features ideal for small businesses or organizations. 
  3. Dashlane includes a VPN, dark-web monitoring, and a bulk password-changer in case your information is compromised. The paid version is more expensive than other options at just under $60 a year.
  4. iCloud Keychain for Mac and iOS Users. It’s free and included in Apple devices. You can easily import your 1Password logins directly from a .csv file.
  5. Google Password Manager is free for Android and Chrome Users. It’s a convenient option if you want something simple that saves and syncs your passwords across each device that is logged into your Google account. 

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