Business data is booming. Is your business’ backup technology keeping pace?

Data backup and recovery is on the front burner for most successful businesses as data always requires protection. However, as data grows 60% or more annually, the exponential growth of data is creating a data protection crisis.

Big data and other drivers are pushing traditional backup products beyond their current capabilities and the “good enough” approach to data backup and recovery is becoming untenable for many businesses, especially those with zero tolerance for data loss.

It it more important than ever for data backup and recovery to become highly efficient as business become increasingly dependent on IT services, including customer-facing transaction systems and internal productivity applications. If data is lost, or cannot be restored quickly, the revenue, productivity and goodwill lost is difficult to recover.

The growth of data, driven by social media, business intelligence and productivity applications, requires a reengineered system to avoid either wastefully allocating excessive resources to backup or leaving your business excessively vulnerable to data-related risk.

Businesses cannot afford to remain complacent about big data and how it performs data backup and recovery. Decision makers with responsibility for data protection policies and processes need to carefully evaluate their backup and recovery solutions to be sure it is reducing exposure to the risk of data loss.

ACE IT Solutions works with the most innovative technology partners to offer backup and recovery solutions that specifically address issues of massive data growth. Our backup and recovery solutions can effectively protect higher volumes of data using far less storage. By improving the efficiency of the backup and recovery process, ACE IT Solutions helps business reduce risks associated with data loss and application downtime.

ACE IT Solutions can evaluate your current data backup and recovery system to ensure it meets your business needs. If it doesn’t we can recommend and deploy a solution that keeps pace with big data. Contact us at 646-558-5575 for an assessment.

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