Superstorm Sandy has moved disaster recovery planning to the front burner for businesses that found themselves without access to email and important data in the wake of the storm.

Proper planning will keep your business in the game when the next major outage or natural disaster strikes. The key here is proper planning. Take the time to meet with a professional who understands the nuisances of disaster recovery for SMBs and make sure you are doing it right.

Don’t fall victim to one (or more) of these common DR planning mistakes:

Relying on a Generator
Generators run out of gas, can fail and won’t save the important data on your server if it is flooded. Generators won’t allow you to access email and data when you can’t access your office.

Not having properly located offsite backup
Location, location, location. DR sites are often chosen for proximity and ease of access. If your DR site is on the same power grid or in the same region, it is possible for a single event to take out both sites.

Failing to Plan
Just because you haven’t experienced an outage, or survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed, doesn’t mean your business is in the clear. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security or you will be in for a rude awakening. Offsite backup will provide access to your important data during any type of outage.

Failing to Test the Plan
The time to discover your DR plan doesn’t work is NOT during a disaster. Test your plan, make adjustments and test again. Be sure to document the plan, clearly communicate it to key employees and make sure everyone understands the plan.

Regardless of how complex your IT systems are, you owe it to your business, and your customers to have resiliency solutions in place. Make sure you have accounted for all scenarios, covered both local availability and offsite recovery scenarios, and that you manage and test your plan often.

There is no better time than the present to ensure your business continuity when the next storm hits. Our experts have over 20 years experience helping businesses with disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Contact us today at 646-558-5575.

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