GDPR fines have become very real with US $450 million in penalties recently issued in a single week. Even if GDPR doesn’t apply to your firm, your organization can still benefit greatly from following these five cybersecurity tips.

If you think a GDPR fine is expensive, just wait until you get hacked, which can be much more costly and possibly have devastating effects to your firm.

With that in mind, Sophos has put together five best practices to minimize the risk of a GDPR data loss fine.

  1. Patch early, patch often. Stay up to date to reduce the risk of a cyberattack.
  2. Secure personal data in the cloud. Treat the cloud like any other computer.
  3. Minimize access to personal data. Collect and retain only the data you need.
  4. Educate your teams. This is a GDPR requirement – and keeps you safer.
  5. Document and prove data protection activities. Show you’ve done the right thing.

ACE IT Solutions can help ensure you’ve minimized your risk of both GDPR fines, compliance/regulatory fines and cyber attacks. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 to set up a cybersecurity assessment. We can identify gaps in your cybersecurity program and ensure you are maximizing your cybersecurity budget.

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