It is hard to believe the iPad has only been around for a little over a year. In that year, the tablet computer has had a massive effect on personal computing. A new study shows that the iPad is poised to do the same for enterprise businesses.

According to the study commissioned by Model Metrics, 78 percent of businesses surveyed plan to deploy tablets by the end of 2013. Eighty-three percent of those businesses plan on deploying the Apple iPad. Google’s Android tablet ranked a far second at 34 percent, and 14 percent plan to deploy Windows-based tablets. Only 20% of businesses surveyed claim they have no plans to deploy tablet computers.

Enterprise applications in high demand for iPads include sales force automation (47%), service desk (35%), expense submission (21%), ERP (20%), and financial (17%). Other enterprise apps include human resources and purchasing.  Though the businesses surveyed may not have officially deployed the tablets, 72% of the enterprises surveyed claim that the tablets are already in use, 41% of those purchased by employees.  The study also concluded that, though many businesses plan a widespread deployment, almost 50% have no adoption strategy in place.

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(About the study: Data was pulled from a survey of 448 business executives, business managers, IT executives, IT managers, and IT professionals from a wide range of company sizes and industry verticals, conducted online by Dimensional Research for Model Metrics in April 2011. Read more here.)

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