We have been closely following the situation surrounding the SolarWinds cybersecurity breach and its far-reaching impacts. Here is what is known so far:

  • The SolarWinds breach was an act of espionage on the part of Russian spy agencies.
  • The attackers gained access to 425 of the Fortune 500 list of top companies, the top 10 telecommunications companies, all five military branches, and the top five accounting firms in the US.
  • For now, it’s only an immediate threat to SolarWinds Orion customers. ACE IT Solutions is NOT a customer of SolarWinds Orion.
  • Considering the targets and extent of the compromise, this has been the biggest hack to date.*
*These details were provided by CI Security.

This breach shows that no one is immune to cyber attacks. The following recommendations will better protect clients from hackers:

  1. Employ an EDR solution to help identify malicious behavior on endpoints.
  2. Implement a Managed SOC/SIEM solution to identify malicious behavior on the network.
  3. Use a next gen/high-end FireWall to defend your perimeter.
  4. Perform Pen Tests regularly to demonstrate the effectiveness of the solutions above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your account executive, or contact us at info@aceits.net or 646.558.5575. We are here to help,

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