On December 8, FireEye disclosed a sophisticated attack in what it said was a highly sophisticated foreign-government attack that compromised its software tools used to test the defenses of its thousands of customers.

The FireEye breach had no impact on any of ACE IT Solutions’ customers or partners. In addition, FireEye has been very proactive in providing all cybersecurity firms the details they need to respond to the breach.

ACE IT Solutions is continuously monitoring our clients’ environments for any suspicious activities using SentinelOne’s advanced threat hunting capabilities. ACE IT Solutions stands ready to remediate in the event that there are any activities related to this breach.

This includes:

  • Focused threat hunting
  • Ensuring security patches are applied
  • Increased security awareness
  • Threat analysis
  • ACE IT Solutions is monitoring its own risk profile and staying current with current threats

We recommend that our clients turn this situation into an opportunity to dial in their cybersecurity and take a fresh look at their policies and procedures.

ACE IT Solutions can perform risk assessments to ensure clients are following best practices and have the latest cyber controls in place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your account executive, or contact us at info@aceits.net or 646.558.5575.

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