Group of Corporate People Discussing About Global CommunicationEmail communication has become an important means of circulating financial information, yet it also remains vulnerable and exploitable. Email’s many vulnerabilities—malware, phishing attacks, unauthorized access–create the risk of unauthorized disclosure, corruption, or loss of financial information.

For organizations subject to regulatory compliance, securing email communications has an added level complexity and obligation. Organizations are challenged to navigate a growing, disparate and constantly changing framework of regulations or face harsh penalties and sanctions. While it seems simple enough to relegate the heavy burden of compliance to an out-of the-box solution, no technology can ensure compliance alone. It becomes essential that organizations develop an effective policy for email compliance and implement flexible technology solutions that enforce that policy. While regulations governing messaging security can be complex, email security doesn’t have to be.

ACE IT Solutions has partnered with Cirius to deliver secure, encrypted email to our clients. Cirius enables businesses to securely send, receive and track corporate email on any device, including smart phones and tablets, simply and effectively. As a cloud-based solution, Cirius has no hardware to install, deploys in minutes, is easy to use and, it integrates seamlessly with other email platforms.

Cirius is a cost-effective and very effective email encryption solution. We are offering free trials for a limited time. Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.5575 and we will show you what this secure email encryption solution can do.

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