ransomware protectionCPAs, hackers are after your data and your client’s personal information and it is easier than every for them to get it. There are many ways hackers find their way into your systems. And there are many different ways they can wreak serious havoc once they are in there. Phishing, ransomware, theft of client information, these are just a few of the cybersecurity issues that accounting firms must manage.

The costs of a data breach

The average cost incurred for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information is approximately $158. A data breach could costs a mid-size accounting firm upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. That doesn’t factor in lost business from damage to your reputation. You want to be the firm that does everything it can to protect client data.

ACE IT Solutions offers cost-effective data protection, backup and disaster recovery solutions for security-minded accounting firms.  We can customize a solution to meet each accounting firm’s specific budget and risk profile.

Could your business survive data downtime? We can tell you.

For a limited time, ACE IT Solutions, in partnership with Datto, is offering a complimentary backup and disaster recovery. ACE IT Solutions in partnership with Datto will assess your current backup solutions at no charge. We will schedule and perform a remote assessment of your data files and provide you with a customized report outlining gaps in your business continuity coverage that could result in unacceptable business downtime.

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