The growth of cloud computing and mobile devices for business use adds an additional level of complexity to a company’s network security, especially since most businesses use dozens of packaged and legacy applications and databases, each with different access controls. All these different virtual, cloud and mobile technologies create new access points that give hackers additional opportunities to compromise a business’ assets.

Organizations are typically using some combination of built-in access controls for core systems such as SAP and Oracle to control access to applications; with a different single sign-in solution for basic end-user authentication to other packaged and legacy applications. ACE IT Solutions recommends a more holistic approach to multi-factor authentication and server-side authorization to protect organizations from network attacks and to ensure user accounts are effectively removed upon status changes.

The ability to define, administer, enforce and audit access policies from a single solution is crucial.  A completely integrated approach to access management reduces operating costs, simplifies IT audits and compliance reporting, and closes a number of security gaps to reduce the risk of costly insider data theft.

Access management software strengthens security, enforces compliance and streamlines administration across a business’ diverse servers, applications and databases and makes it easy for administrators to centrally manage and enforce user access, refine and enforce access controls, ensure privileged user accountability and automate compliance enforcement and reporting across the entire network

We expect more businesses to adopt a centralized access management solution as organizations continue to shift business assets to virtual, cloud, and mobile technologies. With a business’ brand and bottom line at stake, the path to protect those assets lies with properly implemented access management solutions that bridge the gap between compliance an security.

Are you concerned about your network’s security? Contact ACE IT Solutions, we will assess your network and provide reliable guidance on enhancing your network’s security strategy.


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