The scalability and flexibility of the cloud allows businesses to expand the functionalities and capabilities of their existing network infrastructure. By migrating to the cloud, businesses can save money on infrastructure costs and increase productivity though the ability to access their important data at anytime, from anywhere.

Moving to the cloud can be a complex undertaking. Outlining steps and developing a plan that everyone can understand is one of the best ways to know where your business is going how to get there successfully. The cloud experts at ACE IT Solutions put together this checklist as a starting point for planning the move of your business operations to the cloud.

This list will help you identify your needs and the services and infrastructure that will support your business. The items and questions below apply to most organizations regardless of what or how much they’re moving to the cloud. Consider it a first step toward a cloud migration plan.

Download our Cloud Migration Checklist here.Cloud computing network migration checklist from ace it solutions

ACE IT Solutions delivers a portfolio of best-of-breed cloud computing solutions that are secure, cost-effective and flexible enough to meet the specific needs of any business. Contact us at 646-558-5575 for more details.

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