cybersecurity regulationsCybercriminals continue to become more sophisticated and will take any opportunity – especially during a global pandemic – to do their dirty work.  Yet, very few firms have the expertise and experience in-house to deal with the complexity of securing their networks. Smart businesses are partnering with security experts and IT providers to deliver the solutions they need to survive this crisis.

Here are 5 ways businesses benefit from working with an IT firm to outsource technology and cybersecurity needs:

  1. Fast threat identification
    Every minute a threat goes unchecked costs money. Just one attack will make businesses realize they can’t handle cybersecurity alone. Cybersecurity is not a one-and-done pursuit. You need to monitor, analyze and be able to respond to cybersecurity threats on a continual and real-time basis to survive today’s attacks. Your IT provider will provide remediation by containing threats on the enterprise’s behalf 24×7.
  2. Securing a remote workforce
    A remote workforce expands the threat surface of a business.  Since the pandemic started, millions of employees are working from home and are connecting to corporate clouds and networks via a variety of devices. Hackers are taking full advantage of these gaps to step up attacks. Some businesses are dealing with hundreds of endpoints that need to be remotely secured. Outsourced IT providers have processes and procedures, and the manpower, in place to ensure every endpoint is locked down.
  3. Cybersecurity experts at the ready
    Cybersecurity experts are hard to find and in high-demand. Getting the right cybersecurity talent to meet your needs is challenging. IT firms have cybersecurity experts on staff from CISOs to VCIOs to cyber risk analysts. An outsourced IT partner can provide far more expertise than the typical SMB can provide in house.
  4. Affordable SOC services
    Monitoring for, identifying, and acting on threats requires a security operations center (SOC), which is prohibitively expensive for most businesses. A better approach is to work with an experienced SOC provider with the talent, tools and technology needed to monitor your firm’s IT environments and contain threats as needed.
  5. Lowered liability
    Working with an outsourced IT / cybersecurity provider also enables organizations to lower their liability. Some businesses are able to leverage their partnerships with their IT partners and industry leaders to get lower rates on their cyber insurance. If a business needs cyber insurance and can demonstrate that it has a compliance program or certifications – even if it’s through an outsourced provider  – that organization may be able to get a better rate.

ACE IT Solutions partners with SMBs to provide IT outsourcing and cybersecurity services. Contact us at or 646.558.6358 for more details on how we can make your firm more secure.



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