Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that allows users to sign in using one set of credentials to multiple independent software systems. Using SSO means a user doesn’t have to sign in to every application they use. The user only needs one set of identity-verifying user credentials (e.g. username/password) for authentication and to securely access multiple applications, services, and even different service providers. No more memorizing multiple credentials or reusing passwords.

Businesses use SSO to reduce and better manage the number of credentials an employee requires to access enterprise applications. But when new apps require different SSO tools from different vendors, these sprawling solutions complicate rather than simplify your IT.

Simple, and unified, SSO can ensure secure, anywhere access to all essential applications — making it easier for employees to work and easier for IT to manage it all.

5 Benefits of Simple SSO:

  1. VPNs aren’t secure enough
    VPN credentials can be phished by hackers. With simple SSO into a secure workspace you can tighten access security to achieve zero trust without hurting the user experience.
  2. Multiple SSO leads to complexity
    There are lots of SSO solutions on the market, but many only cover one type or subset of application types. All these different siloed solutions can add up, creating significant IT sprawl that makes supporting all these “single” sign-on solutions a management nightmare. You need an SSO solution that simplifies access to all the apps, desktops, and files your employees need in one workspace.
  3. A Seamless Experience for Remote Employees
    By having remote workers sign on once to a unified workspace, you can provide a single point of access to all the apps and data they need for work in one location. This also strengthens security by requiring one strong password to enter your secure workspace. Rather than employees relying on weak and repeated passwords to access sensitive data.
  4. Centralized Visibility into all Apps
    Smaller firms rely on an average of 73 applications to get work done, and it’s common for organizations to use several monitoring solutions across their application landscapes. Businesses need an SSO solution that provides simple, end-to-end visibility across all apps. With the right SSO solution, you can monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve application delivery, security, and user experience issues before they disrupt your workforce.
  5. Easier Management and Reduced IT Costs
    Many of the SSO solutions out there require customization in order to get everything to work together. This sucks up valuable time that could be used doing more meaningful and strategic work. Look for a simple SSO solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing environment. This saves you the money that would otherwise be spent on multiple SSO vendors as well as the time needed to customize and align all those solutions with your systems. A simple SSO solution also lessens the burden on your IT team to have to field support tickets for changing passwords. And with simple SSO inside a secure workspace, it’s easier for you to grow your workspace investment at your own pace because you know any new technology will work great on this unified platform.

ACE IT Solutions offers SSO solutions to help safeguard your business with a simplified and seamless identity solution. Simplify access to your software as a service (SaaS) apps, cloud apps, or on-premises apps from anywhere with single sign-on (SSO). Contact ACE IT Solutions at or 646.558.5575 for more details.

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