If business leaders have learned anything about cybersecurity, it is that you can’t just set it and forget it. The ever-changing cybersecurity landscape makes staying ahead of hackers an ongoing task. We continually look to cybersecurity experts, government officials, and leaders from both the security and research communities for guidance on how we can be better prepared to protect our clients. Here are four cybersecurity points to consider when developing a cybersecurity risk management program.

  1. Cybersecurity attacks are not going away.
    In fact, expect attacks to increase. As IT departments are being tasked to manage increasingly complex networks, support new types of endpoints, and protect more and more sensitive data, the issues that have caused the majority of recent cyberbreaches have not been resolved. Legacy systems that have not been replaced contain known vulnerabilities as hackers become more sophisticated with their attacks. Since it will likely take years for all the legacy systems to be replaced, hackers will continue to find ways to monetize these vulnerabilities.
  2. IoT is the next big target.
    Cybersecurity and business leaders need to start planning for the future by addressing the new threats posed by the Internet of Things (IoT), which go well beyond anything that we see in today’s cyberattacks. With the growing ubiquity of IoT and lack of focus on security for IoT, it’s only a matter of time until malicious hackers breach critical connected infrastructure and devices and cause direct physical harm to individuals and innocent bystanders. Until these vulnerabilities are addressed, hackers will always be able to use the IoT as a backdoor for larger hacks and bigger payoffs.
  3. Hackers will target employees.
    When it comes to cybersecurity, your employees are your weakest link. Most breaches start internally, whether intentional or unintentional — when employees share documents through unsecure applications or click on increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks. As our technical defenses continue to improve, employees are becoming the weakest link, and hackers are taking note. If you aren’t conducting security awareness training, enforcing cybersecurity policies and procedures or running phishing tests then start NOW!
  4. Insurance will reward organizations with a strong security posture.
    As more and more companies look to cybersecurity insurance to offset the cost of breaches, insurance companies are looking to protect their bottom line. Businesses should expect that insurance companies will partner with security experts to appropriately evaluate a company’s ability to protect against a cyberattack. This means, organizations will have to have all their cybersecurity ducks in a row before they will be issued a policy. Companies that perform the best will be rewarded with a lower policy amount.

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