Your firewall is the core of your SMBs’ security infrastructure. As an access control point for all network traffic a firewall empowers your IT team to safely enable applications and access to the  benefit of the organization.

In order to safely enable applications and technology on your network, your IT team needs to put in place appropriate policies governing use and controls to enforce them. For this reason it is essential to have a firewall in place that can address a broad range of network security and performance requirements.

Firewall tasks typically fall into three categories: security, operations and performance. As your business considers upgrading from an older legacy firewall, it is important that you select a firewall that can handle these 10 tasks with ease.

  1. Simplify network security
  2. Run any application on any port and classify traffic by application on all ports all the time
  3. Decrypt outbound SSL & control SSH
  4. Scan for malware & viruses (on all apps and on all ports)
  5. Identify and control circumvention applications
  6. Must be able to recognize and delineate application individual features and functions so that an appropriate policy response can be implemented.
  7. Manage unknown traffic
  8. Enable uniform visibility and control across all users and devices
  9. Throughput and performance should not be diminished when application controls are activated
  10. Support the same functionality (security, operations and performance) when virtualized

Thinking about updating your legacy firewall to a next-generation firewall that can safely enable the increasingly complex and rapidly growing number of applications running your business’ network and providing security? Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646-558-5575 or email



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