Mobile Security

ACE IT Solutions' range of secure, high-performing mobile security solutions help increase employee productivity and efficiency. Our invaluable expertise allows clients to integrate best-of-breed mobile technologies to create a range of cohesive solutions that will ensure the highest-level of security. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity ensures that all aspects of security align with your business objectives to manage risk and enable your business to achieve its full potential.
Remote Access

ACE IT Solutions can increase your businesses’ productivity by implementing remote access solutions that allow you to work securely from anywhere, at any time. We realize that work is no longer limited to a specific place. By integrating a secure mobile network into your organization, ACE IT Solutions can enable seamless work-flow when out of the office, affording your employees greater productivity and flexibility.

ACE IT Solutions will help you navigate the myriad of remote access solutions, develop a plan that meets your specific needs, and deploy the technology in a consistent, secure, cost-effective manner. We have a thorough understanding of the latest in remote access technology and the expertise to put those systems into place.

In conjunction with our technology partnerships, we are able to deploy remote access to your entire infrastructure and provide secure email and data access from anywhere, whenever you need it.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM is a platform life cycle management technology that provides inventory, OS configuration management, mobile app provisioning and deprovisioning, remote wipe, and remote viewing/control for troubleshooting.

ACE IT Solutions works with the highest-rated MDM vendors in the industry to deliver detailed policy control, broad device support, and easy integration with Active Directory.

Our mobility management solution helps organizations integrate mobile devices into their security frameworks and systems and information technology life cycles.


  • Central management of mobile devices including rapid deployment, and comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents
  • Provisioning: Configure devices and applications for enterprise use
  • Auditing, tracking and reporting: Audit mobile devices and applications to track compliance with enterprise policies.
  • Maintain inventory for cost and asset management purposes and tracking usage of services and applications
  • Defense of data: Our mobility suites apply technologies to encrypt data, control data flow and remotely revoke user access to mobile applications and information in the event the user or device becomes untrusted (for example, through device loss, unauthorized reconfiguration or employee termination)
  • Support: Help troubleshoot mobile device problems through inventory, analytics and invoking remote actions.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Single-factor authentication isn’t enough to secure sensitive communications, high-dollar transactions or privileged user access. ACE IT Solutions MFA solutions provide the security needed to comply with FFIEC standards and protect applications and accounts that contain sensitive data.


  • Login with just the tap of a button
  • By leveraging a device that your users already carry around - their smartphone - security is much more simple than other solutions that require carrying extra devices, like tokens, fobs and key cards.
  • Out-of-band authentication to stop man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Secure design that does not access your primary authentication
  • Easily integrates with existing VPN, on-premises and cloud applications, and offers and API to support custom applications
  • Active Directory synchronization helps to quickly provisioning an existing user database.
  • Faster time-to-security for the broadest and fastest coverage, allowing you to deploy two-factor authentication for nearly any application within just hours.
  • Automatic updates that follow an agile development cycle.

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