Hosted Voice and Unified Communications

ACE IT Solutions' cloud phone and unified communications solutions deliver a robust cloud-based phone system that includes predictable monthly costs, built-in disaster recovery, unlimited calling and instant mobility with little-to-no capital investment and maintenance costs.

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Costly telephony solutions often present a problem for cost-conscious small and medium-sized businesses. The initial capital required for equipment, personnel to maintain that equipment, and equipment upgrades is often more than a small business can handle.

Gone are the days of bulky phone systems connected by tangles of wires. By opting for a cloud-based phone system, your business reaps all the benefits of the top technology in telephony without having to sink the bulk of your capital into a phone system that you may soon outgrow.

  • Secure, real-time communication from almost anywhere
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Little to no up-front infrastructure costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Enhanced productivity & collaboration
  • Built-in business continuity
  • Easy & secure administration
  • Business intelligence add-ons
  • Service metrics available
  • Connect your phone data with your business data

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