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5 Cybersecurity Principles for Business Leaders

cybersecurity regulationsToday’s business leaders have a lot on their plates. Cybersecurity can sometimes be just a side-dish when it comes to running a business. Which is why they leave it to the experts to handle the nuts and bolts of a robust cybersecurity program. Nonetheless, when a breach happens, it is the C-level executive that will be held responsible.

Rather than get bogged down in bits and pieces of cybersecurity (leave that to your cybersecurity consultant), it helps if business leaders take a broader view, starting with these five basic principles:

  1. Cybersecurity breaches WILL happen.
    Reliance on online technology and mobility has made it quite easy to access information from anywhere in the world – this includes hackers accessing your information and it is the business leader who will be held responsible when a breach occurs.
  2. Breaches will cost you
    The costs are more than monetary: time, money, reputation. Is your business prepared to minimize these losses? Work with your cybersecurity consultant to develop a plan of attack that will help minimize the costs of a breach.
  3. Small businesses are as vulnerable as large enterprises
    Hackers have had great success targeting small businesses with phishing campaigns. Over half of the phishing campaigns launched by hackers in the last year have been aimed at small businesses.
  4. Security must be holistic
    The threat landscape is always changing and hackers are always finding new ways to breach your network. The solutions you put in place five years ago are not going to be as effective as today’s solutions. Security must be incorporated into the company culture as well as the technology environment and it must be fluid. This is where managed security plays an important role.
  5. Mobility increases points of attack
    Devices that are not properly secured or maintained are in danger of exposing sensitive information. We work closely with our clients to make sure that mobile devices are a point of weakness.

ACE IT Solutions philosophy toward cybersecurity is two-fold:

  • Security must be considered in every aspect of network and mobile technology that the organization uses.
  • There is no one-size fits all approach to cybersecurity. Given the principles listed above, we can tailor a cybersecurity program matched to your specific risk profile.

By partnering with ACE IT Solutions, organizations can thwart hackers attempts and respond quickly to minimize the costs of a breach. Contact us at 646.558.6358 to learn more about protecting your business from hackers.



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