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What SMBs Need to Know About Cybersecurity

cybersecurity regulationsSMBs mistakenly believe they are too small to be targeted by hackers and ransomware. In fact, SMBs fall into hackers’ cybersecurity sweet spot — they have valuable digital assets, but tend to have less cybersecurity in place than a larger enterprise. Cybercriminals know that SMBs are an easy target with a potentially large and damaging payout. Here are steps SMBs must take to stop hackers:

  1. Have a cyberattack policy and response plan. A quick response will minimize damage and inform all employees how to respond in the event of an attack. No business is too small to have a plan. ACE IT Solutions can tailor a cyber policy and response plan to meet your specific needs.
  2. Get cyber insurance and understand what it covers and does not cover. Don’t wait until you have an incident to discover gaps in your coverage.
  3. Expect recovery to take awhile. Businesses with a response plan in place will recover faster than those with no plan. According to a survey by Nationwide Insurance, 60% of SMBs surveyed said it took them longer than 30 days to recover from a cyberattack.
  4. Know your cybersecurity gaps. A cybersecurity assessment and phishing tests are essential to understanding cybersecurity weaknesses. Don’t wait until an attack has occurred to button up your infrastructure.
  5. The best way to build trust is to keep your client’s information secure. Data protection requires a holistic approach to cybersecurity that includes more than just anti-virus protection. ACE IT Solutions customizes cybersecurity solutions for your specific needs.
  6. Train your employees in cybersecurity awareness. Employees are your first line of defense against hackers. 97% of all breaches start with a phishing email. Train your users to recognize phishing emails and how to respond and report suspect emails. ACE IT Solutions offers security awareness training and phishing testing.
  7. Work with a trusted partner. SMBs typically don’t have the in-house expertise to deal with today’s emerging cybersecurity threats and cybercriminals know it. You can’t go it alone. It is essential to work with a trusted technology partner, like ACE IT Solutions, who understands the developing threat landscape and knows which reliable security solutions to put to work for your business.

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