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8 Tips for Improving Your Business’ Security Posture

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it must be given the proper attention. Security is no longer an optional service. It should be woven into every aspect of a business’ technology infrastructure and it requires attention on every level — from employees to c-level executives.

Implement these simple strategies to help protect your business from damaging security breaches.

  1. Promote a security aware culture 
    All employees, everyone with access to your technology, should be thinking about cybersecurity. Management should advocate for a cyber security culture that ranges across the entire organization.
  2. Keep technology up-to-date
    Hackers will exploit weaknesses wherever they can find them. It is crucial to stay on top of software and operating system updates.
  3. Backup, backup, backup
    Current (and regularly tested!) backups will save your business in the event of a ransomware attack. This is a business’ secret to recovering from a cyber attack.
  4. Limit admin access
    Employees should only have access to data and technology on an as-needed basis. Limit administrative access on employee devices and the applications your business uses.
  5. Use a modern firewall
    A firewall is usually your first line of defense from hackers. Next gen firewalls deeply inspect traffic for unusual behavior, malware, and can protect your users through content filtering.
  6. Use anti-virus, anti-malware solutions
    Modern anti-virus and anti-malware solutions help to protect your business against the latest viruses by using analytical and monitoring tools to identify suspicious network activity before it can harm your network. Use managed firewall solutions for the most reliable protection.
  7. Stay on top of emerging threats
    Knowing your enemy requires learning as much as you can about the new types of cybersecurity threats as they emerge. Threat intelligence is a key component to a holistic cybersecurity program.
  8. Passwords, passwords, password
    Password protect all mobile devices as well as Wi-Fi networks. Use strong passwords that can’t be easily guessed by hackers. Require password changes on a regular basis — every 90 days at the most.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework

Check out our Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework for more details on developing a robust cyber risk management program.

Contact ACE IT Solutions at 646.558.6358 to find cybersecurity gaps and vulnerabilities in your organization. We have all the tools you need to properly protect your business, and data, from hackers who want to steal your data.


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